Colorado Table Tennis Coaching/Training

Organized Table Tennis Training

  • Sky High Training Classes
    • Technical Excellence Program
      • Location: Skyhigh
      • Dates: Every Sunday from 12-1:30pm
      • Coach: Peter Christofolo (ITTF Level 2 Coach)
      • Purpose: Learn technical side of game (how to perform each stroke)
      • Mostly for beginners - CURRENTLY FULL
    • Champions in Training Group
      • Location: Skyhigh
      • Dates: Every Sunday from 2-3:30pm
      • Coach: Richard McAfee (ITTF Coaching Course Conductor)
      • Purpose: Learn tactical side of game (how to win points)
      • Mostly for advanced players - CURRENTLY FULL
  • DTTA Clinics
    • Location: DTTA
    • Dates: Every Saturday except on tournament Saturdays (MENSUAL)
    • Coach: DTTA Coaching Staff
    • Purpose: Organized practice sessions led by coach
  • Top Spin Advanced Training Group
    • Location: Topspin
    • Dates: Every Monday 6:30-8pm
    • Coach: Franciso Mendez (7-time Mexican National Champion)
    • Purpose: Organized practice sessions led by coach
    • Semi-closed event - Must be advanced level and must talk to Francisco to join

Table Tennis Coaching

Coaches are available at Topspin, DTTA, Skyhigh and Glendale. These coaches are:
Peter Christofolo (ITTF level 2 - Skyhigh and Glendale)
Francisco Mendez (Mexican National Champion and Coach of National Team Members - Topspin)
Richard McAfee (ITTF Course Conductor - Skyhigh, Greeley & Topspin)
Angelo (Former Professional and owner of only Colorado full time club - DTTA)
Alexis Alvarez (Topspin)

Coloradott will potentially provide registration for lessons through this site in the future!