About Coloradott

What is Coloradott?

Coloradott is a web development project created to detail all information related to playing and competing at table tennis in Colorado. It has many unique features to make some of the hassles surrounding finding places to play and competing a little easier for everyone. This site will continuously be adding new features and interactive elements in order to make the site more useful! I plan on uploading videos and pictures of clubs and tournaments as well as keeping the all information on the site up to date!

What is the purpose of this site?

This website was created as a way to let people that live in or are visiting Colorado know about the table tennis clubs, tournaments and leagues available. Before this website's creation it was difficult to find all this information (it was mostly spread by word of mouth), but what I was seeing was that many people were not getting all the information they needed to find the ideal places to play. Now, ColoradoTT can act as your one stop shop for learning about all places to play and all upcoming events related to table tennis! It will also provide news, which will convert the current state of table tennis in the state from just playing a game to a real sporting experience!

Why play table tennis?

Table Tennis is one of the greatest sports ever created and one of the most fun and rewarding to play! This is because while it is extremely simple to begin and start playing with your friends it is also extremely difficult to master. It is a great sport for brain development, exercise and even learning about yourself! Being an individual sport it teaches one how to succeed in life without relying on others! I'll let you in on something I have noticed - Table Tennis is not much fun to watch if you don't know how the game is played. You may have noticed top players missing serves or winning a point in one shot. This is because table tennis has so many difficult concepts related to it that no other sport has - spin, speed and placement that are all equally important. Spin is what truly makes table tennis a unique sport - it is very diffult to see and deal with, which makes table tennis one of the greatest sports for challenging yourself!

Future goals and community relations

Upcoming features include player rankings, a colorado equipment conduit (way to sell and buy used tables or other equipment), a ColoradoTT league idea, tournament registration and other excellent features! You will notice at some point that while Colorado has some great clubs, coaches, tournaments and programs, it is lacking in comparison with some other states such as California. There are multiple reasons for this, but I hope this website will be one element that pushes Colorado closer to being one of the best states to play table tennis in! We need people to go to the clubs, we need people to get very involved in training and tournaments surrounding Colorado, and we need more table tennis events and hype! Part of that will be tackled through the use of this website, but some of the responsibility is on YOU to get involved! I hope to see you at one of the local clubs!

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