• Colorado Table Tennis Rocky Mountains
    Come enjoy the greatest sport in the world
    in the most beautiful state in the USA!
    Avoid the winter weather and step into
    your local club for a fun way to get some
    exercise and engage in a little competition!
  • Olympic Sport of Table Tennis Table Tennis
    Olympic sport, popular as a game and
    sport worldwide! Table tennis is an
    excellent way to get some exercise,
    build your athleticism,
    challenge your mind and compete with
    friends and other top players!

Welcome to ColoradoTT!

This website is dedicated to providing you all the information you need to know to have a great time playing table tennis in Colorado!

Want to know about the various places you can play? Go to the clubs section!

Have you never been to a table tennis club before? Check out this guide - First Time Clubgoer Guide (pdf)

Want to know about coaching/training options? Go to the coaching/training section!

Want to win some money or reputation by winning a tournament? Find out where they all are in the tournaments section!

Want to learn about the exciting Colorado inter-club league? Go to the league section!

Check out the calendar below to see the dates of all upcoming events! There are over 175 Colorado table tennis events scheduled this year that are referenced on this site and on the calendar. This number will keep increasing as I learn about more events and as more events are scheduled! It is a great time to get into table tennis if you are in Colorado!

If you have questions, feel free to email me!

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